Review: #MyNaturalHair

If you’re a newbie natural – can I be frank and say how jealous I am of you right now?

If you’ve only just embraced your God-given kinks and curls, you’re such a lucky fish because the local market for good quality natural hair products is booming right now!

We’re being spoilt for choice: I keep seeing see new brands of custards, creams and conditioners popping up that are locally made & produced – and I’m here for all of it. (Its about damn time too, don’t you think?)

One of these brands is the My Natural Hair range (currently available in Clicks).

Late last year, I got contacted to try their new range and yene was I excited. (I won’t even lie – guys I MOL for a surprise!)

my natural hair

The range consists of Nourishing shampoo (250ml), Hydrating conditioner (250ml) Strengthening oil (150ml) and Moisturizing butter (125ml) and when I received it, the professional look made me wonder will this finally be the natural product “holy grail” I’ve been seeking?

Looking at the outside of the packaging itself – the design is pretty, uncluttered & simple.  As the name #mynaturalhair suggests, the range is focused on all things natural. The colour theme on the packaging is very earthy: green, gold & brown. But does the outside match the inside?

I take a sniff test & the unassuming strengthening oil leaves me swooning. It’s like I’m camping along the West Coast. Like bottled nature. It’s such a pleasant smell I literally cannot wait to have it all over my hair.

Turning the bottle around & I’m happy to read that the all the products are sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, petrolatum & phthalates free. At approx. R100 per product (a little pricey but I’m willing to fork out IF the stuff is worth it) I’m further impressed. But is this too good to be true?

I bring wash day a little earlier to find out.

The shampoo looks, feels & smells clean. It lathers really well & leaves my locs feeling light. For someone with locs, finding the ‘right’ shampoo can be a bit of a mission but thankfully the nourishing shampoo seems to keep to its promise. (I’m currently  on my second bottle and its still holding up).

The conditioner doesn’t have as much slip as I’m used to (I understand slip as thick and gloopy) so the first time I use it, I put on a little too much wasting some of it BUT the result is that my locs are SUPER soft & my hair smells exotic. It also works nicely on my daughter’s hair. Its perfect for a mid-week refresh on three-day-old hair.

The strengthening oil is BY FAR my favourite. A little goes a long way. The base ingredient is sunflower oil I think -which responds very well to my locs, doesn’t leave it overly shiny & makes my hair smell fantastic for three days straight. My hair even feels stronger after using a little bit. I test it on my five-year-old daughter’s 3c curls and same result – so this will be in my shopping basket when I run out.

The butter doesn’t work so well on my locs. The way I understand it, the butter would be perfect for free natural hair (whereas mine is all matted up in my locs) as it soaks into the hair after a couple brushes with a normal brush or tangle teezer. I think it would work great on edges!

All in all I was super impressed with the range and how it made my hair feel and look. I’d give it 8/10.

This how my hair looks straight after a wash:

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For more on the range, follow My Natural Hair on Facebook or give them some love on Instagram.

Have you tried the range? What did you think?

Which local product are you currently using?