Coiled up/ Back to my roots/ Why I cut all my hair off

This is the post excerpt.


My natural hair journey started nearly five years ago with a number 1 haircut (big chop), lots of faux courage and too much self doubt. I was just as scared as you may be feeling/ felt right now.

In fact, if I look back…I wasn’t really ready for the gravity and ramifications of this massive hair decision.  It didn’t think this through like I usually do.

All I knew was that I needed authenticity.

So I cut all my hair off.

And then all my childhood fears came rushing to the fore…

I’d made a promise to myself to document this journey… but when I saw how “raw”, “coarse” and unnerving (in other words…how “kroes”) my hair was I changed my mind. My confidence was at an all time low. At the time I kept thinking, there is no way in hell I’m going to share  my most vulnerable part of myself to others.

And this blog was put on hold.

To be honest – I think the reason why I didn’t start (or want to start) writing about my hair was because I scared. Fear stops us from so much.

I was grappling with so many emotions back then: Regret, anxiety, fear. And I thought (at that time) that opening myself up to others would of compound those emotions.

It seemed too much and so I backed out. (Now I see what an excuse that is).

Instead I privately took time to build myself up and chisel away years of self-hate. I read, researched and unlearned a lot.

As my hair flourished, my confidence grew and I started reconsidering this blog.

Fast forward to today and now I think I’m ready.

Welcome to my hair journey…




Author: Amy, authentically

Radio Producer. Mom. Feminist. Proudly Natural.

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